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  CHEATING PARTNERS Let us help you gather the proof. If you have a suspicion your partner is cheating on you it wont go away. You will probably still have the worry in three months and six moths time. We are the undisputed professionals at these type of cases and will always provide a caring, […]

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Absent Staff

  MISSING STAFF: We are seeing a large spike in the number of businesses contacting us about staff who have been off work for long periods or are taking very frequent days off work. It may or may not surprise readers to know that almost all that we are asked to investigate indicate that the […]

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WHO GETS HURT? Our private investigator in Wolverhampton was contacted by a male client who was pretty certain his partner was having an affair we undertook an investigation into the case. It is surprising (or maybe not) that many affairs are started at work, so that of course was where we started our investigation. We […]

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BUSINESS SABOTAGE Our Private investigators in the Birmingham area have been undertaking activities relating to a business who, allegedly, is having its business activities sabotaged. Unfortunately I can not let you know what business sector they are in because the matter will shortly be subject to a legal process, however, you would be surprised if you […]

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Yet again this subject has been the most requested service over the past week for our investigators in the Midlands and Staffordshire. Week after week companies are getting in contact with us because of staff who have been off work for long periods of time and the company have had doubts about the situation. Our […]

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  BBC RADIO PHONE IN Last week we were asked if we would take part in a radio phone in about PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS. We were very pleased to be asked but we politely declined. The reason we declined was simply that we are very careful indeed not to do or say anything  that may compromise […]

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