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  Our Private Detective Service Can Stop Unauthorised Absence: Like many of you reading this we are constantly amazed at the reasons and excuses people give to their employers for being off work. In our line of work we find it unbelievable some of the things we see, and we love to obtain video footage […]

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THE SIGNS Do you ever get that feeling that something is not right but cant quite work out what it is about. Your partner has become a little distant and they have started working late on very regular basis. Every time you bring it up with your partner they, of course,   deny the possibility. […]

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  Some time ago I wrote about social media network sites and how popular they are. It is brilliant that people from any Country can strike up conversations and friendships with people all over the world. The DOWN SIDE AND DARK SIDE is that we never know if the person we are in contact with […]

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MISSING STAFF More and more we are receiving enquiries from businesses regarding unreliable or cheating staff. It seem to be a subject that, understandably, they are getting tired of trying to cope with time and time again. The problems seems to be twofold: Firstly there are the staff who have been off work for a […]

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Out of the country, I have just returned from Barcelona where we have undertaken and completed an investigation containing many different elements and it occurs to me that not many people will know that we operate in and for people in many countries. Over the last 12 months we have undertaken work for individuals and […]

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  STAFF ABSENCE Our Staffordshire and Birmingham private investigators and detectives have, this past week, successfully concluded two more cases in which staff had become a real problem, to their employers, by taking frequent time off work and long term absence. From our experience, we know that there is nothing so frustrating or upsetting than […]

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  CHEATING PARTNERS Once again over the past week our largest source of enquiries has been related to cheating partners/wife’s/husbands/girlfriends and boyfriends. We recognise that it is horrible when someone has a suspicion that their partner is cheating on them. We also know, from experience, that the worry just keeps eating away at them until […]

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COVERT BUSINESS INVESTIGATION. Our investigators in the Midlands area have just successfully concluded a case for a company who believed that one of its ex- employees had started up a business in the same field as them and was using information gained from their employment to steal customers for their new business. Our investigators obtained […]

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