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Absent Staff




We are seeing a large spike in the number of businesses contacting us about staff who have been off work for long periods or are taking very frequent days off work. It may or may not surprise readers to know that almost all that we are asked to investigate indicate that the staff member is being economical with the truth.

Who does this affect?

Well the business for sure. In addition to the cost involved the businesses find it impossible to plan without a full compliment of staff, customers suffer and efficiency suffers and perhaps more than those irritations is the financial cost to the business.

The other people who suffer are other members of staff who must cover for them when they are not present. This is a problem that causes a huge amount of  resentment. So there we are, the business is upset and the staff are upset.

Don’t let these selfish  people get away with it: Its called cheating. Its stealing. Call it what you like but it needs to be stopped!!!

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