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Last week we were asked if we would take part in a radio phone in about PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS. We were very pleased to be asked but we politely declined. The reason we declined was simply that we are very careful indeed not to do or say anything  that may compromise our clients.

We were, however, pleased that private investigation services are now being discussed openly and being used more and more by the general public and businesses and this is being recognised by a wider section of people. During the discussion that took place it was noted just how many private investigators there are in the business sector, which if nothing else shows how the demand is growing.

We hope and believe that Private investigation and detective services have now moved on from the old image of investigators in dirty raincoats hiding around corners, knocking back whiskey in  sleazy bars and driving at 100 MPH trailing the bad guy have now gone forever.

Today’s  investigators and detectives are now much more sophisticated and skilled with technology is much more useful to the modern detective. The private investigator of today has moved from the shadows and become much more visible to a large number of the general public and businesses.

On the BBC phone in it was asked; who uses private investigators? Well, people from all backgrounds. It is not in any way only something  more wealthy people use. Normal families and individuals use our service just as much as the wealthy. Businesses of all sizes in many different business sectors are now big users and many now think of us as part of their normal management function.

Let me give a few of examples of how the general  public may use our services:

Tracing people: For many different reasons. It could be a long lost family member, someone who owes them money or related to a cheating partner. There are of course many many more.

Let me give a few examples of how businesses may use our services:

Staff taking long or frequent time off work, this can be enormously expensive and disruptive for a business. Staff out on the road; it is estimated that up to 40% of their time can be wasted. Theft, fraud, disruptive staff and much much more.

 The next question normally is: How easy is it to use the services and how much will it cost?

The first answer is it is very easy, just make a phone call or send an email, you don’t even need to give a name. Tell us what your problem is and we will suggest a course of action and provide you with a fixed costing for the case, no hidden extras, no mileage charges, no expenses, NO EXTRA CHARGES.

If you don’t want to talk over the phone, one of our private investigators will be pleased to meet you any time any place at your preference. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION whatsoever. The one thing you can be sure of is complete confidentiality.

If you have something on your mind call us and share it with us. IT COST NOTHING TO TALK.

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