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Elderly Care | Private Investigators

I wonder if you saw the shocking documentary, Wednesday evening, about the brutal care some elderly residents received whilst supposedly being cared for in a Residential home.  We have of course heard of many cases similar to these over quite a number of years.

Wouldn’t you just want to get hold of these so called carers and give them a bit of their own medicine. How can it be that we let older people suffer in this way it is nothing less than torture.

We have written a number of time about how our private detective service can help you to ensure that this kind of thing is not happening to your loved ones. It is not just the elderly in homes we should be worried about, we should not think that because our loved ones are being cared for in their own homes by visiting carers, that they are any safer.  It is not just carers that visit we should be wary of, what about visitors, neighbours and friends. How many times have your loved one said they think they are loosing money and we have, perhaps not believed them.

Our Private Detective Service Can Help!

If you have a family member or friend who is being cared for by someone else don’t take a chance, let our Private Detective service set up a covert situation where you will know for sure how they are being treated. For all the many carers who do a wonderful job please forgive this note but we have to find the rotten apples inside and outside the system.

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