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DID YOU READ the report in the newspapers this week about a care worker who was convicted of stealing from an elderly lady she was looking after on a regular basis. It really makes us mad. The care worker was on a regular basis taking the odd £20 note from the lady’s purse. Its not the value of the money that gets you, it is the thought that someone being cared for can be taken advantage of in this way.

How often does this kind of thing go on with the most vulnerable people in society? The answer is of course much more often than we think.

It is not just theft that the elderly have to endure; how many cases have we heard about when the elderly have been treated very badly in care homes, nursing homes and even their own homes by people who should have been looking after them. It really makes us mad.

If you have any doubts that someone you know is not being looked after in a proper and dignified way call us and let us help. By deploying hidden cameras or audio equipment we can quickly uncover the truth.

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