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Our private investigators and detectives in the Midlands and Staffordshire have seen a significant increase in the number of internet based cases they have recently been involved in.

It is estimated that more than 1 in 4 relationships are now started via internet dating and social network sites: a staggering number!!

Whilst that is good news for many, we wonder how many people have had really bad experiences: it is more difficult to obtain numbers for these, perhaps because people who have suffered a difficult experience are less likely to talk about it. What we can say is the number is very very high.

Are the people you are talking to: the people you think they are?

Are your children talking to other children or are they “being groomed” by sad adults.

Adults, should you not check out the person you are getting to know?

We have all heard terrible stories of people who have been misled and even conned out of money and even worse children who have thought they have been corresponding with other children only to find that the other person was, dangerously, an adult.

Well we have decided to do something about it and have now introduced a new service which will check out the person you are in contact with and let you know if the information you have been given is correct or not.

IT IS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SAD. To introduce this new service we would like to give a £25 discount to the first 5 people to  ask us to undertake one of these checks. SIMPLY CALL US ON : 0333 900 6 900 or email us on to speak to our private investigators in the Midlands.


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