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Cheating Partners


Do you ever get that feeling that something is not right but cant quite work out what it is about. Your partner has become a little distant and they have started working late on very regular basis. Every time you bring it up with your partner they, of course,   deny the possibility. You are sure you recognise the signs but have no proof.

“I love you but I’m not in love with you” If you hear these words sound the alarm bells.

We are Just good friends”  This is probably the most predictable saying when a partner is playing away. If your partner is spending a good deal of time with someone (perhaps at work) you should take notice and be suspicious.

A sudden need for privacy  Suddenly your partner becomes very protective of their telephone/computer, perhaps making them password protected, hiding phone and credit card bills and if you start asking questions you are accused of snooping or being controlling. Big warning sign. 

“I need some space to work out my feelings”  Do they? Are they trying to arrange time with someone else that wont besuspicious. 

Regular work routines change  Working late or going to and from work at odd hours, putting in more hours than normal are all indications that all is not well. Be afraid.

Spending a large amount of time on the computer. The game they are playing may not be computer games. People do not need to go out these days there are enough chat rooms and dating sites to keep a person busy for a long long time. Secret email accounts have shown an alarming increase.

Secretive phone calls and more time on the phone or sending/receiving text. Does your partner suddenly hang up when you enter the room or have they started erasing the history and do they become defensive when you ask about it. Be aware.

Behaviour that dose not seem right.  have they not been where they should have been or had missing time they can not explain, receipts that are unusual, missing clothing, clothing that does not belong to your family and finally little lies they did not need to tell. Check them out.

Your own intuition. Is the best guide you have. If you think something is wrong then it almost certainly is. Do something.

The thing to remember is if you don’t investigate the signs, you will still be wondering in three/six/12 months time and that not good for anything including your health.

If the above has not made the whole of the UK population suspicious of their partners I don’t know what else to say except you don’t have to put up with it.

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