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Our detectives have, again this week, been engaged in covert surveillance for two separate businesses, in the Staffordshire and Birmingham area, who suspected that staff who have been off work for a long period of time have perhaps not been entirely truthful.

One of our targets had, unbelievably, started working for someone else whilst still being paid by our client. Our private investigators obtained video evidence of the targets activities and we are pleased to say the matter has been resolved. You can probably guess that the target now has only one job.

Not only does this kind of thing cost businesses lots of money and efficiency but other members of staff get very upset at having to take up the workload because of the absence. For small and medium size businesses these situations can have a huge impact on both the finances and services they are able to provide.

In a completely different case, in Birmingham, our private investigators discovered that an employee who was off work and seeking compensation for injury was very active indeed (in the gym). Our investigators wearing covert body cameras obtained the evidence required by the company and the matter has now been resolved.

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