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More and more we are receiving enquiries from businesses regarding unreliable or cheating staff. It seem to be a subject that, understandably, they are getting tired of trying to cope with time and time again.

The problems seems to be twofold:

Firstly there are the staff who have been off work for a long period of time and the management and other members of staff are feeling very “miffed” about it. The reason given for the absence is almost always an illness or predicament that can not be easily seen or recognised such as depression, bad back, lost voice etc. Now please don’t get the idea that I am not sympathetic to these situations, I have suffered from a form of depression myself for many years, but lets be honest it is EASY TO FAKE.

I know it seem unfair but we can all see a broken leg, a spotty face and generally can see if someone looks unwell. We also know of people who, shall we say, are subject to a little play acting and also capable of a little bounty hunting.

By now I think 50% of people who read this will be thinking “what a plonker, cant know what he is talking about or “its OK for some people they don’t understand”

The other 50% will be thinking “quite right, why should these cheats get away with stealing, not only from their employer but also the other members of staff.

At this point I don’t mind admitting that:


I do care for people who are genuinely ill or need assistance and who should get all the help they can.

“I don’t care about the cheating, faking, look after myself people” whose main aim in life seems to be “get as much as you can with as little effort as you can” and think their employer is a good opportunity for a cash windfall.

It is not just me that thinks this way, of all the employers who have contacted us regarding this problem 100% have been proved to be correct in their suspicions.

The second problem:

Staff who take off many odd days work. People who work in offices and factories will all know the one or two in their workplace  who plays the system. “I didn’t feel well” (again) “the dog was sick” “we had a problem at home” and one of my own particular favourites,  “I had a personal problem that I had to deal with”.


Employers you don’t need to put up with it, call us and tell us your problem and see how quickly it can be sorted.

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