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Number One Private Investigator in Birmingham & The Midlands

Most people never consider hiring a private investigator but this is rapidly changing. The service is becoming more and more popular due to the incredible service and results a good private detective can provide. From helping businesses save literally thousands of pounds to getting to the bottom of marital and relationship issues a private detective can really work wonders.


A Private Investigator for a Private Matter

We have helped a huge range of individuals in Birmingham and the Midlands over the years and have legions of satisfied clients. We offer a completely confidential service and we take great pride in our discretion. A private detective can help you with all manner of things but for individuals the most popular service by far is our relationship investigations.


Private Investigator Birmingham


It is always hard to be 100% sure your partner is being unfaithful without proof and that is where we come in. You may feel guilty about using such a service and of course, our clients suspicions have not always been vindicated in our investigations. However, finding out that a loved one is not cheating is just as important for your own piece of mind and the health of your relationship. Nagging doubts alone can drive couples apart and we can put that to bed, one way or the other.

Our private detectives have access to all the latest technology and possess the knowledge to make the most of it. You can use our tracing service to track the location of someone as well being able to track their vehicle. Additionally, we have phone and computer forensic experts who can trace suspicious calls or social media/messaging activity. We can use our surveillance technology to keep a watch on babysitters or someone else who has access to your home.

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If you are in the Midlands or Birmingham area then please do not hesitate to contact us about any of our services and one of our team will be happy to help with your enquiries. We are a trusted company with a proven track record and a passionate, experienced team of private investigators.

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