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Private Investigation for Businesses – To Litigate or Investigate

Never thought about hiring a private investigator to improve the efficiency of your business? Perhaps you should! Employees can be a major cost and yet generally are the most under scrutinised of all business activities. Take finances as an example. Every month and every year it takes time to balance the books down to the very last penny. As business managers, we always keep a very close eye and control on the finances such as regular stock checks and a log is made to account for purchases.

You could say that the two items above are the most important things that a business needs to control in order to be successful, but are they?


Private Investigation for Business



Improve Your Business With a Private Investigator

Of course they are important, but what about the other major costs a business has; their employees. I’m sure that businesses are always aware of how many staff they need to run their business but how many monitor what their staff are doing and how effective those staff are?

It is estimated that up to 50% of some employees time is wasted and therefore, not very effective. It matters not whether it’s a large business or a very small one, that kind of wastage has a very significant effect on the performance and efficiency of any business and requires just as much attention as bean counting or purchase control. It will certainly have just as much effect, if not more, on the bottom line of any business of any size which is why a private investigator can really help.

Let’s look at a few examples:


Every member of staff who works away from a base has the potential to be an ineffective member of staff. Whether they are Representatives, Sales people, Consultants, Delivery Drivers, Tradesmen or Management, that is a lot of money driving around unsupervised. Are they really doing what they should be all of the time? You must have someone you are suspicious about. Wasted time can have an enormous draining effect if equated on an annual basis. Our Private Investigations offer a vehicle tracking service so you find out exactly what is being done on company time.


Private Investigation for Business



I have recently spoken to a Company who yearly reserve over a million pounds in their accounts for potential accident costs – probably because a claim culture has developed over a number of years. Whilst we should always regret and feel remorse for any employee who is genuinely injured at work, we would be naïve if we did not suspect a large number of those cases to be fraudulent. In many cases businesses believe that Insurance Companies do not investigate injury claims as often or as thoroughly as they should, and often make decisions based on financial calculations on whether it is less costly to pay out rather than investigate. The problem for companies is that these actions or lack of action are subsequently reflected in insurance premiums. For smaller businesses the issue is even more problematic because if a business employing three or four staff loses one member through real or imaginary injury or sickness that is 25/30% of the workforce not working and the financial implication could be catastrophic.

For smaller businesses the issue is even more problematic because if a business employing three or four staff loses one member through real or imaginary injury or sickness that is 25/30% of the workforce not working and the financial implication could be catastrophic. Our experienced team can help you with all legal and litigation matters to help you end this.


Private Investigation for Business



I think that most employers have at least one member of staff who heads the table for “most likely to be off work”. The problem of “off work” has two levels that are completely different, “short term but regular” and “long term”. These type of absences can be a nightmare for businesses, but should the fear of claim and hassle stop businesses doing what is right? Let’s talk the truth. Most of these cases are genuine and cannot be helped but some are members of staff who are stealing, no other word for it. What, in real terms, is the difference between keeping control of a business’s finances, its stock cost and its employee costs? They all look the same on your year end accounts. We can provide business surveillance to help you reduce sickness absences.

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Why am I writing this about businesses? We are Private Investigators and Detectives and we witness many of these cases first hand and know the effect these issues have on companies, profitability and other staff. In any other part of a business life, if you have a problem you investigate it and sort it and we believe that in matters of staff problems we are expert in assisting businesses of all sizes in investigating matters related to people. We can also do background checks for new employees,computer forensics and telephone forensics. For a full list of services we can perform for businesses complete with testimonialsthen click here.

If you have an accounts problem you go to your accountant, if you have a legal problem you go to your Solicitor, if you have an electrical problem you go to an electrician and if you have a staff problem you should choose a Private Investigator and discuss how we can help. In almost every case we undertake it becomes cash positive, and we actually save you money.  If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help with your enquiry.

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