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Our Private investigators in the Birmingham area have been undertaking activities relating to a business who, allegedly, is having its business activities sabotaged. Unfortunately I can not let you know what business sector they are in because the matter will shortly be subject to a legal process, however, you would be surprised if you knew

Our investigators have been involved in  tracing people and address associated with the targets and place of work, setting up bait vehicles with long term video equipment, surveillance, and trailing target vehicles, obtaining video and pictorial evidence. Our experienced investigators now believe that they are, any time now, ready to pounce and bring the case to its final conclusion.

Much time and thought has gone into this operation and it looks likely that a successful end is in sight. It make us feel really good when a plan comes together successfully and we have our fingers crossed that this will happen. We will let you know the end result when it happens.

The point of this Blog is to demonstrate that we are just as happy to undertake long and complicated case like this one BUT we are also dedicated to undertaking very small cases which could be a cheating partner or a noisy neighbour. NO CASE TO BIG OR TOO SMALL.

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