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Tracing people


Some time ago I wrote about social media network sites and how popular they are. It is brilliant that people from any Country can strike up conversations and friendships with people all over the world.

The DOWN SIDE AND DARK SIDE is that we never know if the person we are in contact with is who they say they are. Now there may be very good reasons for them not wanting to be identified (such as someone in my job) but it is highly possible that they have doubtful reasons.

The reasons could be that they may have a partner and are indulging in a little harmless flirting (can it ever be harmless) with their new found friend or it could be much more serious than that, such as potential fraud, sexual grooming and much more, that often ends in tears for one of the party.

We have, this week, completed a case from the USA  from a lady who has been talking to a person, over the net in the UK for over two years and suddenly the talking stops and the email and connection address are changed without notice. The lady was obviously concerned as to what the reason was and started to doubt if the person was who he said he was, because after two years you think you know someone.

The lady only had a name of the person and an idea that he may have lived in the Birmingham area but she now thought that he may have been give false details.

We were asked if we could check out the details she had and confirm or otherwise if they were true or false. We conducted a thorough investigation into this case and came up with the right results

I have no great ending to this blog other than to say that some of the information our client was given was correct and some was a lie, The question in our clients mind is Why? Why did he not give true information and why, after two years did he stop, without notice, communicating with her.

It may be well worth your while checking out anyone you or your family are in contact with over the internet, although it is thought that 25% of relationships start over the internet I wonder how many distressful events take place.

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