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Tracing People

Tracing people


Private Investigations – Tracing people


There are many reasons for businesses or the general public wanting to trace the location of a person, some reasons good and some bad. These days, we all have access to the internet and undertake searches for ourselves, or can we??

The first thing you discover is how long it takes. Secondly, how complicated it gets and thirdly, the most important thing of all, is that the information available is very limited – even if you subscribe to a search site. Did you know, for example that only 40% of the population are shown on the voters / electoral roll?? And this number is getting lower and lower as people are being encouraged to opt out of displaying details in the published register.

Professional tracing from Investigations4u:

When a professional searcher undertakes a project, they are able to bring together many different sources of information that are not normally available to the general public and therefore produce much more successful outcomes. Our private investigatorsare experts in tracing missing people and consistently produce positive results.

A recent example we had was that we were searching for a person who had left a rented property and owed a very significant amount of money. We found our target living at an address that had not shown up during our clients many searches, but we were also able to see that some financial transactions had recently taken place from that address in our targets name. This case was concluded within 48 hours of receiving the brief from our client and could not possibly have been found by them or the general public.

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