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Every one knows that catching cheating partners is a major part of any private investigators and detectives case load but the ones we really like to catch are what I call the cheating cheaters!!!

Example 1: A recent case we had to unravel was regarding a not very nice person who was being taken to court, for reasons we will not go into. The lady (our client) had run out of money because more than 14 court dates had been made and the target had not turned up at any of them, however he had managed to send legal representation. The target had also somehow managed to obtain a medical certificate to support his claim that he was too poorly to attend court (how do they manage to get these so called medical certificates?!) and was not able to work.

Our client was in the last chance saloon regarding her financial status and the target seemed to be in happy land and getting away with it, until we got involved and undertook an investigation. YES you guessed it he was happily running his own business but he fell Hook Line and Sinker into a situation our investigators had set up. Covert audio and visual evidence was obtained and we now seriously hope the courts will come to the right conclusion for our client. (I wonder if the medical certificate will be investigated) Excellent result for our client.

Example 2: Asked by a business to undertake some surveillance on an employee who had been off work, sick, for some time, our investigators set about the task. It did not take long to discover that the target had in fact set up and was running his own little business and was out and about every day working at it. Now, it is always nice to hear about a new entrepreneur but this was nothing more than cheating. He cheated his employers. He cheated the benefits system and he cheated the tax authorities. He was just a cheat. Why could he not have been honest with his employers? It does not matter now, he was caught. A good result for everyone concerned.

Example 3:  Cheating on a partner is very common but cheating on the person you are cheating with is is slightly unusual but we have recently concluded a case where this was the case. Obviously our client, the husband, was devastated to discover his partner was cheating but even more so when discovering it was with two people. It is slightly amusing that the first of cheating males was also upset with the lady when he to discovered he was being cheated on. Such energy!!!

Example 4: A business asked us if we could undertake some surveillance on an employee who spent his working hours  away from the business premises out on the road. The employee was claiming a very large amount of mileage and daily expenses which the business thought was questionable. Not only did we discover the the mileage was completely false we also discovered that he was not starting work until 12 noon and was home again by 5 o’clock. Guess who is looking for a new job!!

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