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Cheating Partners



Without doubt the most distressing cases we handle are relationship problems which bring untold sadness to one or both parties. It can be very difficult for someone who contacts us to talk over with a stranger what the problems are and what they would like done.

We are very very careful to understand the situation and treat our clients with genuine care understanding and respect. We know that our client has probably been tearing themselves apart for possibly months worrying about the situation and not being able to talk to anyone about it.

Our Private Detectives Can Help Your Relationship:

It must be the most difficult thing in the world for our client to pick up a phone and call a private investigator or private detective to ask for help, however it can be the start of a recovery for them. If it is required we will talk them through the situation as often as they need or want and often explain that if they do nothing they will still be in the same position in (say) three months’ time and making themselves quite ill. There is a great need to discover the truth and happily some investigations demonstrate that they have nothing to worry about. How can that be you might say? Well, one thing we have learned in our business is not to assume anything. We have many times discovered what looks like an open and shut case of cheating has turned out to be nothing of the kind. The suspicion has been caused by the most incredible situations and circumstances that we or our clients could never have guessed at and we end with two very happy people.

On the other hand by the time a person gives a private investigator a call they are often pretty sure that all is not well. We see it many many times that when two people have lived together for some time, they develop a sixth sense that there is a problem and that is when the worry starts: and that is when the person needs professional help, help that understands what they are going through. For many people this seems like the worst thing that has ever happened to them in their lives.

Get in touch with our Private Detectives!

We feel very pleased when our clients say to us that they feel better already once they have confided in someone who understands and we get many letters thanking us for our support during the period we have worked with them.

We care, we understand, we are discreet and we are professionals trained in this type of situation, talk to us and let us help you through.


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