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Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

Some people think making a Will is a morbid affair. At Uprights Solicitors we understand that it can be a little daunting, so we offer a friendly yet professional approach towards the Will writing process and provide advice in a language that you can understand and solutions that avoid unnecessary complexity. We understand that our financial affairs and relationships are becoming more complicated than ever and it is becoming more apparent in today’s society the need for us all to have a Will In place.

We work in our lives to provide a good home and comforts for our loved ones and want to ensure that our nearest and dearest are looked after when we are no longer around to do so.

Sadly, still only one third of the population have a will in place and we are witness to the hurt and distress it causes when someone passes away without a Will. Please don’t let that be you.

 Without a will:

A surviving spouse will not necessarily inherit everything.

An unmarried partner has no automatic entitlement

The family home may have to be sold

Children may be unintentionally disinherited.


Here at Uprights Solicitors we can help you protect your interests and give you the peace of mind knowing your estate is taken care of when you pass away. We can help you create a Will which suits your circumstances. In the majority of cases this will be a simple Will that clearly outlines your wishes but sometimes, if your circumstances are complicated, a more complex solution is required and we have the expertise to advise you.

Our Wills & Probate Specialist

A specialist in Wills and Estate Planning and member of the Society of Will Writers.

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